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How to create page blocks by selecting posts

Selected posts creates a page block for hand selected posts. It’s a great way to feature your favorite posts.

Page block inputs

Title and Title Link

What you enter here will be shown as Bock Title at the top of your PageBlock.

You can leave the Title Link field empty. If this block should not have a title to be shown leave the Title input field empty as well.

Layout and Number of Posts

Please select a layout for the page. Each layout can display a certain number of posts. To make it easy to understand it will be shown in the input field Number of Posts

The number of posts depends on the selected layout and can not be changed in this form.


Here you are selecting your posts for this page block.

To add a post simple type part of it’s name and select one of the offered option by clicking on it.

Please choose the exact number of posts of your layout!

It is important to choose the corresponding number of posts to your layout. If you choose less, it would be look odd. If you choose more, the last post won’t be displayed anymore at this page.

Do not forget to save your settings!

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